As your Agile coach, I pledge that

I am driven by your goals. Your success is my success.

I am your guest. I will only offer my coaching services by invitation.

I share knowledge. I will gladly share my knowledge for those who are to follow me.

I respect learnings. I will respect the prior learnings of those who came before me, as well as the learnings that will come after me.

I don’t know everything. I will not be ashamed to say “I have no idea”, and I will offer “let me find out more or find someone else to help you.”

I offer compassion. I will enter environments, vow to heal them where I may, and offer compassion where it is the most needed.

I seek a balance between hand-holding and letting go. I will apply all measures which are required to help those in need, avoiding the double traps of over-nurturing and giving up.

I value discretion. I will respect the privacy of the organizations that I help, the teams, and the individuals on the teams.

I help people. I do not help a burndown chart improve, or the team velocity spike. Instead, I help a suffering team and/or organization whose current state may affect a person’s family and economic stability.

I prevent dysfunction. I seek out root causes wherever possible.

I serve others. I am a Servant Leader. My obligations are to serve individuals, teams, organizations, and the community.

Shall I not violate this oath, may I long experience the joy of coaching those who seek my help.